8 Fall of the Angels

8 Fall of the Angels
Holy Moly
8 Fall of the Angels

Aug 18 2022 | 00:17:27

Episode August 18, 2022 00:17:27

Show Notes

So how did these foreign layers come into being? Through the Fall of the Angels—for another name for these pure Godlike beings, or Holy Ghosts, is angels. Note the phrase here: Godlike. We are not saying we are God. God is a being, and what we possess has many divine attributes, but not to the same extent as the substance of God himself. The only way we can reunite with God is if the part that is in us becomes purified and free. We can’t be one with God when we’re a fouled up mess...

Another word used to describe the disharmonious worlds that came into existence after the Fall of the Angels would be Hell. Again, these worlds reflect the state of mind of the inhabitants, and came into being as a result of state of being of these angels, not the other way around. But Hell is not just one sphere. There are many, many spheres there, just as there are many spheres in the divine world, or so-called Heaven.

When the Fall took place, not all beings fell to the same state of disharmony or evil. So different spheres came into being within the world of darkness, always corresponding to the individual’s state of mind. But on the whole, it is fair to say that every divine aspect was turned into, more or less, its opposite.

Until we are completely purified, some characteristics of the Fall are still going on inside of us. It’s abundantly helpful to see how this pertains to each of us personally. This is not a distant or far-fetched theory. When you consider your faults, you can now, understanding this, search to discover their original divine aspect. For no fault could come into existence on its own. They are always just a distortion of something that at one time was divine. There’s no need to feel inferior in finding a fault. All is not lost. Nothing is hopeless. This is what we came here to do—to courageously uncover, face and unwind our twisted wiring.

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