2 Ushering In Christ

2 Ushering In Christ
Holy Moly
2 Ushering In Christ

Jan 06 2023 | 00:08:36

Episode 2 January 06, 2023 00:08:36

Show Notes

What is the time of year that is most associated with Christ? For most of us, that would be Christmas. It is at that time of year when the light of Christ returns with renewed force in remembrance of the greatest deed accomplished on this planet, ever.

This light is so strong—so penetrating and so glorious—it creates rejoicing. There is such wisdom coming from this light. For wisdom and light are one. In human words, we call this “enlightenment.”

So during this time of Christmas, the light of Christ penetrates into the lowest spheres of doom and gloom—and to some degree, into the world of darkness. Maybe it’s just a glimmer, but it’s not nothing. And when beings in the world of darkness encounter it, they don’t like it—unless they are ready to advance spiritually, in which case they will welcome it. And follow it.

Those who are not that far along will find it very painful. As we grow and develop as spiritual beings and move into this human realm, and as we succeed in bringing out this light from within—and make no mistake, it is one and the same light—we will be protected against creatures who still reside in the world of darkness.

So say again—who is this Christ? Some Christians claim that he is God. Not so. Jesus said so himself and you can read all about it in the Bible. He’s also not the Father, nor the Creator. Some say Jesus was just a wise man, a sage, a great teacher. Sure, he had great wisdom, but not so different from other great ones who have lived at other times, in other countries. Also not so.

Here’s the truth of the matter. Jesus, the man, was the incarnation of the Christ. And this spirit is the greatest of all created beings. He is God’s first creation and his substance is the same substance as God’s. Each one of us, in fact, possess some of this same substance. It is what is referred to as the Higher Self, or divine spark. This is what we are liberating when we do the gradual work of spiritual development. But none of us—no other being who has walked the Earth, in fact—has this Christ to the same degree that Jesus did. And that’s the big difference.

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Read Holy Moly, Chapter 2: Ushering in Christ

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