12 A true trinity

12 A true trinity
Holy Moly
12 A true trinity

Jan 16 2023 | 00:05:49

Episode 12 January 16, 2023 00:05:49

Show Notes

If we ask to know ourselves, our lovability and the beauty of our true spirit, we shall have it. That is salvation. And Christ made that possible. As he said, he is the way, he is the truth, and he is life. This is a true trinity. After what he did, it was no longer futile to try. God understands what makes us tick, so he has already forgiven us for all the shameful stuff we do. He knows we have to go through our sins so we can recognize them and choose a different way.

Part and parcel of this whole big drama is duality: the reality of opposites, where everything splits into either/or. As such, it’s hard for us to grasp the fact that the personal aspect of salvation—this notion that Jesus is here to help us—has three paradoxical aspects:

1) We are responsible for our own salvation. We are the only ones who can do this.

2) We can’t possibly do this alone. We need the help of others who share this journey with us and who can often see in us what we do not see.

3) Without God and the help of the personal aspect of God, which is Jesus Christ, this undertaking is just too vast for us to accomplish.

So yes, our salvation is our own choice. Going through this requires our intent, our self-responsibility, our will and our effort. What’s more, it often seems like it requires a sacrifice. We have to give up our time and energy to work on ourselves. Add to this that it seems like a whopper of a sacrifice to shed a Lower-Self habit and give up some decadent Lower-Self gratification, at least for a while, so that higher pleasures can take root. No one, not even God, can make you do this if you don’t want to. Because that would go counter to all spiritual laws whose author is, after all, God.

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