11 Fighting the Good Fight

11 Fighting the Good Fight
Holy Moly
11 Fighting the Good Fight

Aug 15 2022 | 00:10:34

Episode August 15, 2022 00:10:34

Show Notes

OK, so Jesus loves us. Now what do we do with that? We can start by fighting the good fight of removing the barriers that prevent us from feeling this truth. Many of us have already strengthened our realization that this world is infused with God, but not so many have made personal contact with him yet. God became human, so it is possible to know him in this personal and loving way...

Nothing is more painful and frightening to us than not being able to make the connection between painful life events and their inner cause. Having such a deep connection with the personalized God will illuminate such connections we couldn’t see before. Its such a relief to discover there is a reason for what we experience.

It happens that we tune our personal will toward total surrender—and even sincerely mean it—and then nothing happens. No sweet loving presence of Jesus shows up. We may have to wait. And that’s when we become impatient and begin to doubt, effectively yanking up the seedlings we’ve just started growing. It’s not that Jesus is keeping us waiting. It’s that our inner barriers have to give way. And that process may take its own sweet time.

But chill—Christ is here. He hears you and he loves you. He protects you and cares deeply about you, even if you can’t yet feel it. At some point, you will be intensely aware of this fact. He will wrap his loving arms around you and give you peace. Not to mention the sustenance you’ll likely need for your life task. This is something worth fighting for.

We’re used to fighting for our Lower Self aims, but we need to learn about fighting the good fight. We can’t afford to be apathetic about living the good life. Neither can we afford to sit back and be passive as we become enveloped in our own negativities. When we do this, we draw dark forces to us. This makes it easier to unleash our aggression in a destructive way, instead of using some of that zeal to dispel the evil and assert positive forces within and around us.

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