10 War of the Worlds

10 War of the Worlds
Holy Moly
10 War of the Worlds

Aug 16 2022 | 00:16:07

Episode August 16, 2022 00:16:07

Show Notes

After he died, Christ returned to the world of spirit. There he gathered up his army of a relatively small number of specialized spirits and went on to fight a spiritual war in the world of darkness.

Once again, seriously? Does this not sound all too human? Well, where do we think wars come from? Wars on planet Earth are only an out-picturing of spiritual war. Of course, the mechanics of a spiritual war are not the same as here. But the essence is the same, nevertheless. A more detailed explanation of how it happened is not possible. Because we, as humans, lack the ability to understand, and the spirit entity sharing this information, the Guide, lacked the ability to put it into words so that we could. We’ll have to make do with a condensed version that may sound symbolic—and may in fact be symbolic to a certain extent. It’s the best we can do, given the situation.

So a war took place between Christ and Lucifer. We can use our imagination to envision it being like a war with guns and spears, as would happen here. Of course, that’s not quite it, but somehow we can get that there was a spiritual war. Jesus and his team were so outnumbered that Lucifer had to admit it was a fair fight. So far, everyone was playing by the rules. This was a non-negotiable thing, this ability to make sure that in the end, even Lucifer would ultimately be able to get back to God. He will, of course, be that last one Home, since he was the very first to leave.

In the end, in every sphere, Jesus Christ fulfilled the Plan of Salvation. His task was different in each of the numerous spheres he visited; in the world of God, where he was tasked with all the preparations, on Earth, and in the world of darkness. But once the battle was over, nothing was ever going to be the same again. New conditions were set up and they have reigned ever since.

In our historical accounts, we say: on the third day, after he descended into Hell, Christ went up to Heaven. What got recorded in Scripture does a pretty good job of capturing and preserving the details, although the time element is not quite right. Time is a funny thing and it always requires a bit of a “translation,” because in spirit, time—if there is such a thing—is relative. It’s individual, psychological and just very different. But that is really neither here nor there. We’ve made a symbol of these three days, and that’s that.

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